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Liberdades - My solo art exhibition at MISA (2022)

The opening event took place on the July 15th and featured a concert by Julia soares and Sarah pinheiro. The exhibition can be visited until August 18th at Museum of Image and Sound of Alagoas - Brazil. Know more about:


"Even today, we can feel in various ways the disapproval and devaluation of women in various activities which they seek to exercise. The set of 14 works represent these women, in a fluid and energetic way, performing work or non-work activities that are still considered inappropriate for them according to “common sense”.

The freedom to decide which occupations a woman wants to pursue becomes practicable when there are no limitations on the part of entities present during its growth and when all possibilities of action are truly presented and stimulated from the beginning of its creation." - URSA


ilustrador artista visual quadros decorativos graffiti maceió artista maceió

Triângulo Grunge - preto
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