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About me:


I'm a graffiti artist and digital illustrator based on Brazil. The artistic name "URSA" comes from constellation “URSA MAIOR” and represents a symbol of light in a vast universe of paths and marks.

The most approached themes in my works and walls touch ancestry, culture, nature, women, social behavior and the paths taken in our lives (in an sometimes abstract way).

My artistic proposal contains characters, strong traces of graffiti lettering and geometric/ organic elements, and I use acrylic paint and spray on walls or canvas to express ideas since 2012. Iv also started as a digital illustrator

in 2015.

Over the last few years I have participated in several collective and individual artistic exhibitions. I won two honorable mention in 2017 and in 2018 by participating in illustration contests of Porto Cartoon Festival and ONU Brasil. Nowadays I have worked as a freelancer for individuals

and companies.


I would love to help with your projects that require illustration, and also in bringing visual art to your environment 😊.

ilustrador artista visual quadros decorativos graffiti maceió artista maceió

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